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      International Marketing (English):


                  I have always been very interested in business and have taken many business classes in high school. I find this content to be very familiar with stuff I have already learned before, so if you have business experience, this class will be on the easier side. However, I have many friends who have not taken a business class who say the class is a little bit more difficult. Overall with experience or no experience, the content is not overwhelming to learn or understand. The class is more project-based, and throughout the course, you will have around four large presentations. Although the content is generally easy to learn, there are some things that inhibit the processing of information such as the slight language barrier (although the class is in English, the teacher is not a native English speaker so many times sentences and explanations don't always make sense) and the class does move at a relatively quick pace. Despite the slight challenges, I really recommend this class because not only is the content interesting, but the general setup of the class is very easy to stay engaged. 


      Environmental Politics of the EU (English):   


              This class is really informative and good for history lovers. However, at times this class gets very confusing, I would not say the content is difficult but rather the way it is taught is hard to grasp. The language barrier is a very large issue in this class as the teacher is clearly very knowledgeable, but he has difficulty answering questions in English as he often has trouble finding the right word. What I do to conquer the language barrier and my struggle with the way the class is taught is review the content learn din class (typically notes and articles), and look up anything I am confused on. I find that this strategy has worked really well for me. Additionally, my high school only offered AP US History, so I had never had the opportunity to learn about the EU, so this content was all relatively new to me. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning more about the EU and the process of how the government functions. 


    History of Spain (English): 


          This class is really informative and good for history lovers. However, I personally am not very interested in history, so I find it difficult to focus in this class. This is the class I struggle the most with the language barrier because my teacher speaks little to no English. They often read word for word from the slide which makes. Additionally, many times, the slides don't make sense due to the language barrier, so I would recommend looking up anything you are confused about for clarity. 


    Spanish Level 2 Classes:


        This is my absolute favorite class. I know the teacher differs based on which level of class you are in, so I am not able to speak for every Spanish class, but I really enjoy this class. I started off my Spanish journey in a different way than many of the students at UNC. My writing placement test was partially complete because as I was filling it out, my computer shut off so I was automatically placed into level 1. I had emailed trying to retake it, but once you have completed it, you can't go back and do it again, so my only option was to get moved up from my Spanish class. I was originally placed in level 1, and after the second day, they switched me out and put me in level 2. Again, this is my favorite class, and my teacher is very interactive, so I feel like my Spanish improves significantly every day! My Spanish teacher does a very good job of making us feel comfortable with our mistakes, so the comfort I feel in her class allows me to not be afraid to make mistakes, which creates a safer learning environment. 

International Marketing (in Spanish):


Intro to Business (in Spanish):


History of Spain (in Spanish): 


Grammar level 5 (in Spanish):


Oral and Written Production (in Spanish):

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