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Culture and Lifestyle:

     Irish people are very nice! We were told that they’ll come up to you and just start random conversations, and they do. It can be in the grocery store, the bus, a bar, or even just walking around the city centre.


      Most Irish students go home on the weekends, so they go out Sunday through Tuesday. Those are the most fun nights to go out, but it is still fun to hang out with international students on the weekends.

      The main music genre here is EDM/house. Sometimes they’ll play American music, but most of the time, you’ll hear the same remixes over and over.

                Popular songs include: Riptide by Vance Joy (mostly when there’s a live band), This Is The                    Life - Sped Up Version by Amy Macdonald, Viva La Vida by Coldplay, Little Talks by Of                              Monsters and Men, and Galway Girl by The High Kings

       UL is one of the best universities in Ireland, and there are people from all over the island who go here. Understanding the different dialects can be difficult (e.g., Kerry and Cork accents are very thick and hard to understand, while Limerick and Galway accents sound closer to an American accent). The best way to understand is to talk and meet people, the more you hear each accent the easier it is to adjust. 

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