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        The food here is much cheaper than in the US and likely much healthier as well. You’ll find yourself pleasantly surprised by the bill after you eat, as its likely half the price of what you’d expect in the US. However, the service takes forever. Half an hour for your waiter to notice you, half an hour for the food, and another hour for the check. It’s something you’ll have to get used to or be very pragmatic about. Don’t worry about flagging down waiters and going out of your way to check on the status of your food/get your check- if you don’t, it’ll take forever. 


         One of my biggest concerns about coming to Granada, Spain was the water situation. Many people had told me the water quality was very poor, however, the water is actually very safe to drink and Granada is known to have some of the best water qualities in Spain. If you prefer bottled water, I recommend finding a small store in town as large 1.5 liter water bottles are generally very cheap, around 1.5 euros. Additionally, I was often told that water was not served with dinner; however, at every place, you can get a pitcher of either tap water or bottled water. I personally would recommend getting tap water as it is significantly cheaper. 


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