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Activities and Attractions:

On Campus Societies 

  • As a part of the CGL program, our cohort was considered official students at the University of Limerick. With this came encouragement to become a part of the UL Wolves societies, which includes all of the interest groups, academic societies, performance teams, faith organizations, cultural groups, etc.  Some of these groups are free to join, and others require a small fee, usually about 5 euros for the semester. Many international students join societies, and are very welcomed, so CGL students did not hesitate to get involved. Additionally, a clubs and societies fair was held at the beginning of the school term in order for students to learn more about the available clubs and societies.  View the below image to see the 2023 fall semester societies.



Campus sport clubs 

  • Similar to how CGL and international students are invited to join school-organized societies, we are also encouraged to try out for one of the many sports clubs on campus. Varsity sports are not as serious at the University of Limerick compared to UNC Chapel Hill, so it is entirely possible for CGL students to be college-level athletes at the University of Limerick. Sport clubs hold tryouts, and do require a certain level of commitment depending on the team and level of competition. Most teams hold practice (also called training in Ireland) several times a week and have matches (games) on a set schedule, varying by sport. Some sports on campus stick to intervarsity play, meaning UL students compete with each other, while other teams compete with other school teams in Ireland. Some teams do not hold competitions and take place on a more casual level. Though I did not try out for any sports clubs, I know students who currently play on the Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Hurling, Rowing, and Outdoor Pursuits teams. There are also many sports here that are unique to Ireland and not found at UNC,  so it is a great opportunity to immerse in a new culture and try something new, such as underwater hockey, trampoline, rock climbing, hurling, and Gaelic football. The full list of sports can be found below. 










API Sponsored Excursions 


  • Experience Gaelic Games 

  • Limerick Greenway Bike Ride 

  • Bunratty Castle 

  • Cinema Night 

  • West of Ireland- Aran Islands, Killary Adventure Center, Galway 

  • Cliffs of Moher & Aillwee Caves 

    • Set for October 15

  • Cork City 

    • Set for October 21

  • Trivia Night 

    • Set for Nov 3

  • Volunteering & Rugby Museum 

    • Set for Nov 11

  • Dublin City Day trip 

    • Set for Nov 25 

UL Sponsored Events 

Pottery Workshop 

  • Student Life sponsored a pottery-making workshop for students. A pottery master was invited to teach a limited number of students unique Irish Pottery techniques, and a prize was awarded to the student who created the best Irish pottery Sheep. 

Sustainability Swap Shop 

  • The sustainability swap was an event held in the courtyard in which students could buy discounted items for housing, kitchens, clothes, and academic materials that were donated by students in the previous semester. It is a great way for students to get their hands on household items that they didn’t already buy or that they don’t plan to keep after their study abroad term. 

Movies and performances 

  • The University of Limerick offers students the opportunity to have exclusive access to shows and movie screenings in the University concert hall. Tickets come on a first-come, first-serve basis, and anyone is free to attend. Some of the programs in the fall semester included movies such as  The Shawshank Redemption, Homeward Bound, live music including A Taste of Trad, and interactive workshops including ‘Wake Up to Sleep’, a behavioral workshop on the role of sleep, and “Wellness Wednesday” workshops. 

Munster Rugby Game 

  • The University offered up 100 tickets to students to attend the Munster Rugby vs Sharks game at Thomond Park Stadium in Limerick City (set for October 21)

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