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  • The University of Limerick is famous for its STEM-related classes, but it also has a ton of international business and history classes that are unique to Ireland, providing a range of academics that speak to a plethora of interests. 

  • Unlike grading in the United States, professors usually only grade you on your midterm and final assessments, unless you take a course that requires a lab. That means there are no tests after every chapter and no required homework assignments. It can be kind of difficult to study on your own without it being an actual assignment, but it gives you the ability to fit studying into your schedule on your own time. 

  • At the beginning of your term, you aren’t given a specific schedule with random classes you may or may not have chosen. All of the classes here have specific spots for international students, so you never have to worry about getting into a certain class. But since you aren’t given a schedule, you have to make it. My best advice would be to make a Google spreadsheet with the 5 classes you want to take and make them work together into a schedule. Some classes might not work together, so you’d just have to prioritize one over the other. 

  • UL also has what they call “tutorials,” which are smaller lectures/ workshops taught by the professor or a TA (teacher’s assistant). These tutorials are required, and attendance is mandatory (unlike most lectures). If you miss one of these tutorials, it can affect your grade. But even though they are required, these tutorials give you time to learn and ask questions in a much smaller setting. 

  • Written by Parker Beale

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