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  • Alhambra

    • The Alhambra is breathtaking. It’s massive, and by the end of the walking tour your calves will be burning. However, the art is wonderful and impossibly intricate, and being surrounded by its energy transports you back into the fifteenth century. There are so many details one could miss, so just look around and be observant, try to take as much inspiration from it as possible. It’s overall astounding and massively impressive, and you’ll find yourself saying “woah” dozens of times. Try not to focus on pictures, rather, just soak in the moment and try to remember as much of it as possible. 

  • San Jose

    • Such a fun weekend. You go here on the weekend, and by then most people have formed groups and become decently comfortable with one another. On this trip, you’ll bond with everyone from the group and have a genuinely amazing time. The water is warm and clear, and the waves make being in the ocean a lot of fun. At night, I tried to get people to come to the beach and hang out. That’s what our group did, and I found myself making a lot of new friends and breaking the label of “acquaintance” over and over. Other than using Sunscreen, there’s not much to worry about on this trip. Just sit at the restaurants, talk for hours like real Spaniards, and enjoy the irreplaceable atmosphere the beach town provides. 

  •  Albaicin

    • An absolutely gorgeous neighborhood. Walking through it feels completely surreal in the best way possible. The narrow streets, uneven, leaning, geometrical houses with white walls, potted plants lining the street, and incredible views of the Alhambra made this my favorite walking tour. You feel as if you’ve been taken to a different planet- it's a neighborhood unlike any that you’ll find in the US, so it's truly a mind-opening experience. I’d recommend coming back with friends in the coming weeks, and just enjoying a stroll around the neighborhood and the views that it comes with. 

  •  Cathedral

    • Stunning. I’m starting to sound repetitive, as I can’t really find much to categorize a lot of these places as other than “beautiful”. However, I think this is pretty reasonable- the moment you walk in, the massive columns and hyper-detailed, gold-laced art will knock you back and make you rub your eyes in disbelief. Every single detail inside is perfect- its the result of decades worth of work by the most talented artisans during that time period. Gold-plated decorations are everywhere, hyper-realistic statues and faces surround you, and the ceilings seem to stretch up as high as a redwood tree. Once again, don’t focus on pictures, or even what the tour guide’s saying- just take everything in and appreciate the beauty around you- there are only a handful of places like these in the world. 

  • G10

    • G10 is a lot of fun. It’s usually very crowded and super loud, so if you’re looking to talk to people, this is not the place. However, this place is perfect if you want to dance with your friends and have a lot of energy. There’s usually a long line outside where it’s easy to start conversations and make new friends. The street is a reliable retreat if you get tired and want to take a break from dancing, or want to get to know someone better. If you’re in the mood to dance and sing, G10 is a great place to go. 

  • Hannigan’s

    • A very popular bar with karaoke. It's not a club like G10, but it's still very crowded and filled with energy. 95% of the people there will be students who are also studying abroad, and you’ll get the chance to meet people from all over the world. The karaoke brings the whole bar together and creates the perfect icebreaker for whoever you’re trying to meet. I honestly prefer Hanigan’s to G10, as you still get to dance and sing, but talking to people is much easier, and the environment is calmer with more ways to sit, talk, and take a break without having to leave. 

  • Chupiteria 69

    • A dark, crowded bar with very little seating. I don’t recommend going here as a final destination, but it's a great place to stop before going to a club. It’s right next to a lot of different venues, so if you want to avoid getting drinks at the club, this is a great place to go beforehand. 

    • From another perspective, I really enjoyed Chupiteria 69. However, I do agree that it is not a great final destination. The staff was very friendly and attentive. The bar scene is lively and a great spot to go before going out. The drinks are very cheap, so it is a great place to go as a first stop of the night. 

  • Pubapub

    • A bar/club with a good amount of seating and a small dance floor. The atmosphere is pretty lively and the music is diverse, so it’s easy to find a way to enjoy yourself. Halfway between a bar and a club. The alcohol there is known for being low-quality but cheap, so that’s the tradeoff you have to make. Very popular among Spanish students (Students from Spain) so if you want to connect with the locals I recommend going here. 

  • Gypsy Caves

    • An excursion you go on during your first week. Very interesting to see how people lived, especially the gypsies during the times they were isolated from the rest of society. Their creativity, ingenuity, and culture shine through in their homes and if you’re interested in anthropology or history it’s a great learning experience. You see their bedrooms, living rooms, kitchen areas- everything they use in daily life. Of course, all of those things are in caves, which is what makes this tour so interesting. Personally, I knew of gypsies, but I didn’t know that this is how they had to live for so long, so this was most definitely an eye-opening tour for me and many others. 

  • Burbu sushi

    • Don’t go here. The service is absolutely terrible and a dinner you think will last one hour will take three. The food was alright, but my meat was overcooked and the sushi was not at all worth the wait. You’ll be waiting half an hour for one bao bun, or after an hour of waiting for your sushi roll because your waiter forgot to include it in the order, they’ll make it with Tuna instead of Salmon as you asked for. Overpriced, mediocre, bad service. I’m really flaming this place, and maybe it was just a busy night for them, but if you have another option, choose that one instead. 

  • Starbucks

    • Starbucks is a great location in Granada. It is in the center of the city and is a great taste from home. Starbucks is two stories and offers free wifi to customers. Oftentimes, my friends and I would meet here to study, plan trips, or just as a general meeting location. I think it’s always a smart idea to have a “Homebase” and Starbucks was just that for my friends and I. (Macon)

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